poster A beautiful, feature-rich WordPress client for iPad and iPhone. In addition to being able to use OpenDyslexic in a non-distracting interface, it also supports DropBox, MarkDown, TextExpander and more. Get it: Website:

Move and Match with OpenDyslexic Tiles Move and Match with OpenDyslexic Tiles

Move And Match is an iPad app made to help with learning or just to have fun. Made by teachers, it lets you make movable tile based projects for students on it, or just have fun with friends. It's great for word/letter matching games, but their website lists mo...

Voice Dream Reader Text to speech app integrated with Instapaper, Paper, dropbox and more. It can display your text in OpenDyslexic so you can read along easily with one of several dozen incredibly high quality voices. Get it:
Font Selection screen Font Selection screen An excellent eBook reading app that not only comes with OpenDyslexic as an option, but also has an artificial intelligence that works way better than Amazon’s X-Ray feature. Get it: