LPI Essentials studieboek by Jeroen Baten

Abbie Gonzalez
2013.02.28 05:50 Comment(s)
LPI Essentials Textbook A Dutch Linux textbook, written by Jeroen Baten. Google translation:
In the LPI Essentials book contains information for passing the LPI Essentials exam. The book contains all the learning goals and the following areas will be discussed in detail: Part 1: The Linux community and a career in Open Source Part 2: Finding your way in a Linux System Part 3: The power of the command line Part 4: Linux Operating System Part 5: Security and file permissions. This edition is made especially for dyslexic readers with OpenDyslexic font. About the Author: Jeroen Baten has spent years doing everything with Linux and Open Source software related. He is widely regarded as a leading expert in this field and is a frequent speaker (as evidenced by the numerous guest lectures, presentations and keynotes that he gives and has already given.
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